Freestanding Teak Wall Unit from Norway

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This Four Bay Freestanding Norwegian Wall Unit is made of Honey Teak, from the 1950’s by Gustav Bahus, and is loaded with cabinetry and shelves. It is fully modular, so the pieces may be put anywhere on the frame, and it comes apart and assembles easily and into surprisingly spare pieces. Equipped with a two door cabinet, two drop-front cabinets, two curio cabinets with glass shelves and doors, a four drawer cabinet, a two door cabinet and five 8″ shelves, The five Beech upright supports are thin and sculptural resembling the work of Gio Ponti. The unit has modest minimal quality. It is in very good condition with all locks working, and some deep scratches to the side of the larger drop-front cabinet. Measures 16″d X 79″h X 130″w.