Poul Cadovius Brazilian Rosewood 3 Panel Cado Wall Unit

This Poul Cadovius Brazilian Rosewood Panel "Cado" Wall Unit was purchased by its original owner in 1966 and has been hanging in the same room ever since. It is in excellent condition, having seen very little direct sunlight. The grain is rich, uniform and dark, and there is no wear to speak of. As seen, it also comes with two flanking half-panels, so that it may float in a larger space. The three panels measure 94 1/2" wide and are 90" long (we have the extra 8" pieces that were cut off from the height), and the largest cabinets are 18" deep. The flanking half-panels are about 16" w. We also have the rosewood finishing moldings for the top and bottom. The unit consists of two large storage cabinets, a writing table, a drop front bar, three shelves, and two speaker boxes (easily converted into open curio cabinets). This unit packs quite a wallop for its size; put a stereo and a tv in and fill the bar, and it meets almost any demand made of it. SOLD.

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