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White Trash NYC

1929 Westinghouse Industrial Commemorative Case

1950s Wire Magazine Rack

1960s "Portable Pub" Travel Bar by Londonaire

1960s Amorphic Mirror on a Solid Teak Board

1970s Fabric & Wood Sculpture Man Carrying a Woman

1970s Fabric & Wood Sculpture Nude Man in Repose

1970s Fabric & Wood Sculpture Nude Woman on Triangle

1970s Keychain Viewers

1970s Portrait of a Brunette on Plywood

Aksel Kjersgaard Teak Mirror by Odder

Alvino Bagni Tall Vase for Raymor

Alvino Bagni Tall Vase for Rosenthal Netter

Alvino Bagni Tapered Bulbous Lip Vase for Raymor

Art Deco Strongbox Safe by Treasurgard

Arthur Umanoff 67 Bottle Wine Rack

Brass & Steel Miner's Lantern from England

Brown Studio Pottery Vase by A.R.C.

Brutalist Style Bronze Table Sculpture by George Koras

Brutalist Style Wall Hanging Sculpture by George Koras

Danish Deep Frame Teak Rectangular Wall Mirror

Dansk Raised Inlaid Center Teak Serving Board

Decorative Bunch of Grapes in Alabaster

Drumgold Hand Wrought Long Copper Bowl

Footed Ceramic Orb Studio Vase in White

Framed 1960s Oil Modernist Painting Children On Beach

Framed Outsider Art Paintings from the 1960s & 1970s

Gold on Gold Hudson's Bay 4 Point Wool Blankets

Gray Glass Tubular Vase with Crushed Glass Swirl Decoration

Hand Shaped Maui Built Surfboard from Hawaii

Ico Parisi Mahogany Valet Stand by Fratelli Reguitti, 1960s

Iron Fire Tool Set from France circa 1970s

Italian Gilted Metal Twisted Wire 3 Tier Wall Shelf

Kalmar Teak Cheese Board

Kosta Boda Fish by Vicke Lindstand, Sweden

Large Bent Teak Wood Tray from Sweden

Large Center Bowl attr. Tapio Wirkkala

Large Collection of Gurley Christmas Candles

Large Enamel Pale Yellow Krenit Bowl by Herbert Krenchel

Large Ivory #7 Fiesta Ware Mixing Bowl

Large Oak Mallet

Large Octagonal Lacquered Burlap Mirror

Large Solid Teak Mirror with Rounded Corners from Denmark

Large Studio Pottery Vase

Large Vintage Leather Medicine Ball

Large Walnut Bent Wood Tray

Large Zanesville Pottery Ribbed Stoneware Vase

Long Desk Top Teak Organizer

Long Teak Baguette Board by Kalmar

Narrow Studio Pottery Slab Vase

Paddle Shaped Teak Parquetry Cheese Board

Pair of Chrome and Rosewood Serving Tongs

Pair of Man and Woman's Safari Hats from the 1960s

Pair of Miniature Portraits by Nicholas Takis

PC Pottery Orb Vase with Long Neck

Porcelain Vase with floral Decoration from Germany

Rare Joan Miro Book from 1961 with Loose Lithographs

Rosenthal Blue on White Tent-Shaped Glass Vase

Set of George Briard Enameled Canisters

Set of Rectangular Chrome Canisters by Beauty Ware

Set of Six Contempri Cups and Saucers by Paul McCobb

Set of Three Rectangular Chrome Cylinder Vases

Set of Vintage Carstens Glass Doctor's Canisters

Small German Studio Pottery Vase by Rolf Weber

Small Otagiri Mercantile Company Flared Vase

Small Scheulrich Flared Vase

Solid Teak Ribbed Serving Bowls by Kalmar

Solid Teak Staved Carving Board by Dansk

Solid Teak Tapered Serving Bowls by Kalmar

Staved Teak Dish / Bowl / Catchall

Studio Pottery Bottle Shaped Vase with Flared Mouth

Studio Vase with Glazed Abstract Tree Decoration

Super Narrow Kalmar Solid Teak Baguette Board

Tall Cylindrical Studio Pottery Vase from Japan

Teak & Rosewood Cutting Board by Kalmar

Teak Salad Tongs by Kalmar

Teak Serving Tray by Henning Koppel

Tiny Ceramic Fish Studio Vase

Tote King Closet Dolly

Vintage Photos, Snapshots and Post Cards

Vintage Science-Classroom Teaching Charts from '41-'63

Vintage Science-Classroom Teaching Charts from '41-'63 Ctd.