Modern Needlepoint and Embroidery

1) 1970s Needle Point (cross-stitch?) depicting a Japanese block print of Dogwood, lake and mountains. Framed nicely in a two tone frame and gray felt matte. Measures 27 X 31. SOLD.
2) 1960s Mod Needlepoint sits in a Walnut Frame that measures 15" square. SOLD.
3.) 1970s Embroidery in the style of Vasserely and Albers, in a Walnut Frame with a carved channel of silver. Measures 24" square. SOLD.
4) 1970s Needlepoint. Daisies. Nicely bordered in a mahogany frame. Measures 16 X 20. SOLD.
5) 1970 Needlepoint. Trees in Autumn. Sits nicely in a modern chrome frame floated on glass within another chrome frame. Measures 18 X 22 within 25 X 29. SOLD.
6) 1960s Needlepoint.Abstract Flowers (under glass). Measures 15 X 19. SOLD.

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