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Jonathan Adler Large Ceramic Geometric Menagerie Animals

Jonathan Adler Large Ceramic Geometric Menagerie Animals produced within the last 15 years. These are big and size matters. A great way to start collecting nice pottery with a value-oriented sensibility. The pieces are nice and make beautiful decor, while they're about half of what they were sold for when they were introduced, and hold a nice potential for an increase in value and will most likely hold their current asking value simply in the nature of the quality of craftsmanship and artistic sensibility. Discontinued. Each is beautifully done and give a nod to early Danish and Italian pottery produced in the 50s and 60s. All in excellent condition. SOLD
Horse 7 1/2"w X 18 1/2L X 7 1/2"h
Hippo 6 1/2"w X 18"L X 7"h
Lion 5"w X 14"L X 10"h
Elephant 7"h X 9 1/2"L X 7"h
Giraffe 4"w X 5"L X 18"h

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